May 20, 2012


After a few posts to get used with Blogger, it is time i introduce myself. Where to start? I am a sissy and i belong to my Mommy.
Yeah! that sounds great and it describes well what has become my relationship with the woman of my life.We felt in love 3 years ago, a terrific attraction. So passionated and so...vanilla!
First i told her about some fetish i have for stilettos. I wanted to see her reaction and she showed some interest in my little perversions and  did not fail to reap the benefits. Teasing is not the last of her qualities. Then she knew about my experience in bdsm.
Quietly and gradually, my submissive side was revealed to her. It was the beginning of our journey.
Our age difference, her independance, her intelligence and confidence have transformed her in a Mistress and she became my Goddess.
She was not surprised when i confessed my desire to crossdress. She encouraged me. Rather it was me who was surprised. Surprised to love it so much, surprised to like being humiliated, being excited by the shame to be seen "en femme".
We have learn a lot from each other and we continue each day to better understand the other. My submission revealed in her maternal instincts. Mommy is possessive and very protective and it is naturally that i became more her boy than her man. Her son, her boi, her doll.
It is quite a long time now that Mommy knows i am a sissy. At first i was reticent to admit it but she has let me discover it at my own pace, always in the respect. She guides me.
Today i have accepted the sissy i am, and i am happy to live it freely, that's why i decided to create this blog and give an identity to my "sissytude".   

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